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New ornate lighting for the Old Bridge

We’ve already mentioned prototype designs for new ornate lighting on our Old Bridge, but why do we need to replace what’s there?

There are many reasons, but in brief – just like you occasionally need to re-wire a house – the wiring for the bridge’s lighting is nearing the end of its life.

By replacing it now, before it gets too old, we can improve the reliability of lighting on the Old Bridge and, more importantly, improve it.

Carrying out a complete overhaul will enable us to improve night visibility on the bridge, so improving road safety and personal security.

It will also enable us to upgrade the type of lighting provided. The bulbs will be replaced with LEDs, which require fewer changes and less energy, and we can remove the unsympathetic 1970s units from the cross girders – everyone must agree that will be a big improvement!

The behind-the-scenes research we are doing at the moment is to ensure we can carry out a functional, modern upgrade on an historic listed structure. You’ve already seen the steps we’ve taken to design the new lighting, and in the future we also aim to illuminate (couldn’t resist) the issue of light temperature and distribution.

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