River Medway

Grants are drawn from a separate fund for projects related to the River Medway.

The River Medway Fund has the following grant priorities:

  • to educate the public and increase awareness of the contribution of the River Medway and its crossings to the history and modern life of the settlements it serves;
  • to research and improve understanding of the history of the River Medway, its industries, its settlements and its crossings;
  • to preserve or improve the natural environment of the River Medway;
  • to support the provision of education and training for those who work on the River Medway;
  • to preserve or improve access to use and enjoy the River Medway;
  • to make active and appropriate use of the River Medway; and
  • to preserve, conserve, restore or improve structures or artefacts with a historical association with the River Medway; or which are inspired by the River Medway.

The Trust is sometimes approached to fund projects which mainly benefit the River Thames or Swale, but these are not eligible for funding by the Trust. The primary benefit from any funded project must relate to the River Medway.

See the Grants Case Studies for some examples of projects which have been funded from the River Medway Fund, for example the Maidstone Sea Cadets and Restoration of a Shorts Pobjoy Floatplane.