History & agriculture

Founded in 1399, the Trust is one of the oldest institutions in Kent, with roots extending back to the Roman invasion of AD43. The charity is an integral part of the history of the county with its own archives and records dating back over 600 years.

The Trust’s longevity is due partly to its being an owner of land in many parts of the country. As a result, it has extended its area of interest to the locations where it owns land and property today. The Trust is interested in projects that research, document and disseminate new information about the history of the geographical areas of interest. In particular, projects are sought which can demonstrate a connection with the history of the Trust itself.

Applications need to demonstrate how historical research will be disseminated. The Trust may ask you to give an illustrated talk about your research as part of its regular lecture series. For publications, the Trust will need to know about the format of any book, the nature of any illustrations, the number of copies to be printed, any income to be generated, and the intended marketing and distribution channels.

For projects which aim to preserve, repair and restore historical artefacts, details must be given of how the artefact(s) will be made available for public viewing and what interpretive information will be produced to explain the significance of the object(s).

The Trust has been a significant agricultural landholder for many centuries. The Trust is interested in receiving applications for capital funding for projects relating to the history of agriculture in its areas of interest, including the preservation of agricultural artefacts, and projects to educate young people and the public in general about traditional agriculture.