Liam McGoldrick, Senior Contracts Manager – Structures

Based permanently at Rochester, I am the most senior member of the on-site FM Conway team, which means it’s my responsibility to ensure the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project progresses as per all the agreed timescales and the quality expectations are met.

I have 15 years of construction and project management experience and am the Senior Contract Manager for FM Conway’s Structures Division, overseeing all the company’s projects in Kent and south London.

I’m particularly enthusiastic about bridges and structures in general, and the meticulous planning and detail required to maintain them for the years ahead. I’m fortunate enough to be able to play out my passion in my day-to-day work. This has included being involved in projects such as the £1.5m refurbishment of the Grade II-listed Putney Bridge, which included a 24-hour schedule and the accommodation of a major cycling event during the works. This was an invaluable experience for completing works on time while maintaining regular pedestrian access at no risk to the public.

Another highlight has been the reconstruction of historic Bexley Village Bridge – which included taking down the old bridge, diverting utilities and then fully reconstructing the new concrete structure, which included using the original brickwork to build new parapets.

For Rochester’s bridges I’m already enjoying driving the project forward and ensuring all planning is extensive and achievable. The three bridges are fantastic structures and being an integral part of the project is a career highlight.

In my spare time I am passionate about my family and my fitness. I’ve even joined a local gym so I can easily fit my 3-5 days a week training session into my day before work. I find this really helps with focusing the mind and de-stressing, when necessary.