What the Trust doesn’t fund

The Trust does not provide grants under the main programmes or Fast-Track scheme for any of the following purposes or recipients:


  • To individuals for any purpose other than those explained here. (The Trust does not fund bursaries, tuition fees, course fees, gap years, overseas working projects, charity fundraising expeditions, exchange visits, personal equipment, adaptations, holidays, experiences or similar. Funding for these activities is not granted either directly to an individual or via a charity.);
  • To businesses and projects that can distribute profits directly to local authorities or other public bodies;
  • To promote recreation, tourism, business, or the local economy;
  • To activities which do not satisfy the legal definition of a charitable purpose;
  • Fundraising by one organisation on behalf of another. Applications are not accepted from third parties, e.g. architects or fundraising consultants making application on behalf of their clients;
  • For projects or activities that have already taken place (retrospective funding) or costs of the project incurred before the grant offer was confirmed;
  • Towards staffing or other core running costs, events & functions (apart from engineering education events), newsletters, marketing, or publicity;
  • For the purchase of vehicles or trailers (apart from heritage vehicles);
  • For office equipment and fittings, including IT equipment and furniture;
  • For VAT that can be reclaimed by your organisation from HMRC.

For heritage buildings, grants are not made for conservation reports; bells and organs; books, manuscripts & textiles (although applications would be considered under the history priority); church plate; routine minor maintenance and repair work that the building owner or church community could be expected to deal with itself; redecoration; re-ordering or the introduction of domestic facilities within the church; replacement or installation of heating systems for the comfort of the building’s users or congregation.