How to claim your grant

If there are any special requirements for claiming your grant, these will be set out in the letter of offer or Grant Agreement.  Otherwise, the procedure is as follows:

You must submit a request for funding by email, attaching documentary evidence of:


  • expenditure incurred (e.g. a copy of a paid invoice); or
  • the placing of a formal order or contract for work; or
  • other relevant evidence of readiness to incur expenditure.

The documents you provide must describe the expenditure to which they relate clearly so that the Trust can check that funds are to be applied in accordance with the grant offer. If you are unsure of what documentary evidence will be acceptable then please email for advice.

You do not need to wait until the end of a project to claim a payment. Interim payments may be made provided that the required evidence is submitted.  If you believe interim payments will be required for your project, you should make this clear and explain your reasons in your Full Grant Application.

Payment will be made by electronic bank transfer.