Decision-making Process

The Bridge Clerk (Chief Executive) reviews all the applications. The Trust may contact you by email for additional information before making a decision.

Decisions on Fast-Track applications are made by the Bridge Clerk or the Wardens, depending on the sum under consideration.

For Bridge Wardens’ Grants or River Medway Fund Grants, the Bridge Clerk will make a recommendation to the Grants Committee (made up of five trustees), which will then usually make a decision on the application at their quarterly meeting. The decisions of the Trustees are final, and the Trust does not hear appeals on grant decisions.

If your application is successful, you will receive notification by post or email, together with details of the grant offer and any special conditions. You will be asked to sign the General Grant Terms and may also be required to enter into a Grant Agreement with the Trust.

If your application isn’t successful, the Trust will explain why. Many applications fail for the following reasons:


  • they fall outside the Trust’s area of benefit. You must be able to show that the prime public benefit will be one of the geographical areas in the criteria;
  • they don’t meet one or more of the priorities;
  • they don’t fulfil all the grant criteria;
  • they don’t demonstrate clearly the outcomes which will be delivered;
  • they don’t show that they will be sustainable in the long-term, or if the project is likely to become dependent on the Trust for funding;
  • they are too expensive with little or no collateral;
  • they don’t convince the committee of the need for the project;
  • they have received significant funding from the Rochester Bridge Trust previously;
  • the applicants appear to have poor governance or internal control and/or delivery of the project appears risky;
  • they don’t supply enough information to reach a decision; or
  • the applicants have a high level of reserves without a good explanation of why these cannot be used to fund the project.

The Rochester Bridge Trust receives many applications, and it is not possible to fund every group or project. Even high quality, eligible projects, may still be unsuccessful. You are advised to explore a variety of sources of funding.

The outcome of applications will be notified by email and post. Decisions will not be notified by telephone. Please do not telephone the Trust to seek information about the progress of your application.

Once a grant has been awarded, funds will be released to successful applicants, when evidence has been received of the placing of contracts or other relevant evidence of readiness to incur expenditure. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a request for funding including the required documentary evidence. Payment will be made by electronic bank transfer.