Safety fundraiser passes £750 mark

A safety initiative that is part of the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project has now raised more than £750 for a construction industry charity.

The Lighthouse Club, which provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families, has benefitted from a scheme designed to improve site safety.

Two pounds is donated to the charity for every positive intervention carried out. This is a proactive action taken to prevent injury from happening, for example clearing debris that could become a trip hazard before any harm is done.

Half the £776 raised has come from lead contractor FM Conway, with the other half match-funded from the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Since the scheme refurbishment began in April last year, 388 positive interventions have been recorded, with donations previously presented in December 2019 and May 2020.

Russell Cooper, Senior Warden at the Rochester Bridge Trust which owns the bridges, said: “Building sites are inherently dangerous places and we are committed to ensuring the safety of the workforce.

“Although each of the individual actions may appear minor on their own, taking small preventative steps adds up to a significant overall improvement in site safety.

“I am delighted that in helping ensure the safety of the workforce we are also raising money for a very worthwhile cause.”

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