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Bridges maintenance team to continue for another five years

The Rochester Bridge Trust is pleased to announce it has extended its agreement with Term Maintenance Contractor FM Conway for another five years.

The Kent-based construction business, which has its headquarters in Sevenoaks, is responsible for the daily upkeep of the iconic Grade II listed Old Bridge, the 1970s New Bridge and the Service Bridge. In a separate agreement the firm also leads on the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

James Booth, Service Manager at the Trust, said: “As Term Maintenance Contractor FM Conway’s team has proved its dedication to the bridges, keeping the structures clean and tidy, as well as monitoring and carrying out any repairs as needed.

“Core Service Supervisor Shaun and Site Operative Jack have become recognisable faces on the bridges, acting as ambassadors between the public and engineering while they carry out their work. It gives us great pleasure to confirm FM Conway’s maintenance contract for another five years.”

FM Conway’s work – which is separate to the refurbishment and continues during the current lockdown – includes enhancing the appearance and integrity of the bridges, protecting the environment and maintaining safety.

James added: “As well as the day-to-day tasks such as litter clearance and drainage maintenance, they have also carried out additional duties such as foreshore clearance. This has involved the removal of lots of cones and quite a few shopping trolleys from the river foreshore. Leaving them in the river is not only detrimental to the water quality but can also result in some unexpected changes in sediment transport.”

In addition to their contracted work, the FM Conway team facilitated the Royal School of Military Engineering’s popular training sessions on the bridges, as well as supporting the community with donations to Medway Food Bank and participating in education activities.

Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk at the Trust, added: “FM Conway’s Term Maintenance team does an excellent job as the eyes on the ground looking after the bridges. That includes carrying out their daily work during the lockdown period.”

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