lamp columns 3D 1

Visualising the future

A modern tool that has proved invaluable during the planning and design of the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project is the ability to create 3D visualisations.

As you can imagine, we can’t easily see all parts of the bridges but that’s an important part of our work when considering how the different structures work in relation to each other. Instead we use 3D visualisations to help us understand how new elements will fit into the completed works.

One example is in the design of the ornate lighting. Being able to show 3D visualisations to Medway Council’s Conservation Officer has been vital for communicating our design proposals, because in some cases pictures really do speak louder than words.

To demonstrate, this post is accompanied by two 3D visualisations. One shows the designs for the new ornate pedestal lights that will replace the modern street lighting on the Strood approach of the Old Bridge.

The second image shows the balustrade detail at the Rochester end of the Old Bridge. That balustrade is now in place so we’re sharing the pictures side by side.

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